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Conservative recommendations for the opposition

May 14th, 2018

Two conservative columnists call on the opposition to stop futile street protests, and start doing their homework in Parliament.

Heti Válasz editor-in-chief Gábor Borókai urges the opposition to stop protesting in the streets and instead do their job in Parliament. The conservative pundit underlines that the opposition cannot successfully question the legitimacy of the government or replace it through demonstrations. Rather than suggesting that the government is illegitimate,  opposition parties should try to finally come up with a credible vision that provides an attractive alternative to the government’s policies. If they fail to do their homework, they cannot hope to challenge Fidesz even in 2022, Borókai believes.

Magyar Demokrata’s László Szentesi Zöldi thinks that the current opposition parties do not seem to have realized that they need to change if they ever want to regain voters’ support. The pro-government commentator claims that the opposition parties are not able to swallow their defeat at the April election, and instead of trying to rebrand themselves, continue with what Szentesi Zöld calls ‘hateful but totally pointless fear-mongering’ against Fidesz.

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