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Prospects of the Left

April 18th, 2018

A left-wing columnist suggests that the Left should reorganize itself from the grassroots – rather than through the existing political parties, if it ever intends to successfully challenge the government.

Commenting on last Saturday’s opposition rally (see BudaPostApril 17) on 24.hu, Péter Pető complains that the Left is on the ‘road to nowhere’. The left-wing columnists thinks that the opposition parties which were hammered once again in the April 8 election are unable to attract voters unhappy with Fidesz. Pető suggests that the opposition try to mobilize discontented voters through single case initiatives with tangible and concrete aims. As an example, Pető mentions that the opposition should demand more objectivity in the public media. These initiatives should be spearheaded by civil actors rather than left-wing parties that have lost all credibility, Pető suggests. In order to politically organize discontent, people angry with the government should learn to cooperate, organize and unite first, and hope that political organization will follow case-by-case civil interaction, Pető concludes.

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