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Another landslide victory for Fidesz

April 9th, 2018

As preliminary election results project a two-thirds Fidesz victory, political scientist Gábor Török writes that Fidesz has a stronger base than ever, while the crisis of the opposition will deepen further.

In Sunday’s general election, Fidesz received a record 49 per cent of all votes. Jobbik came second with 19 per cent, followed by the MSZP (12 per cent), the LMP (7  per cent) and the Democratic Coalition (5.5 per cent). Fidesz is projected to have a two-thirds majority in the House. The final result will be announced in  the coming days, after the arrival of absentee and non-resident votes.

In an early comment on the preliminary results, Gábor Török remarks that the landslide victory with the second highest turnout in recent history secures Fidesz a very strong political legitimacy. The moderate political scientist points out that Fidesz has further strengthened its base in the countryside. He suspects that the defeat will have a devastating effect on the opposition as their voters will blame Fidesz’s crushing victory on their inability to cooperate.