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George Soros still in focus

March 22nd, 2018

A prominent pro-government pundit sees ample evidence to show that George Soros maintains a network of NGOs in order to put pressure on governments. He also suspects that the ‘Soros NGOs’ and their employees may pose a national security threat.

Last week, The Jerusalem Post published a tape in which Balázs Dénes, head of the Civil Liberties Union for Europe explained how his organization, which is funded by George Soros, lobbied the German government against the controversial Hungarian legislation on NGOs financed primarily from abroadDénes argued that he was lobbying in defence of the rule of law

On Monday, Magyar Idők published a recording of András Siewert, head of Migration Aid Hungary, who said that Mr Soros wants more influence and money. He also said that his organization maintains good ties with foreign governments and NGOs. Siewert later said that the recording , apparently made by intelligence agents in Vienna, posing as sympathisers, had been edited maliciously. He denied that his organization received funding from George Soros.

On Wednesday, Magyar Idők wrote that it had ‘acquired’ another tape in which Tracie Ahern, a former head of the Soros Management Fund, says that George Soros uses the Open Society Foundations to increase his political influence in the US and Europe.

Magyar Idők’s Zsolt Bayer describes what he dubs the ‘Sorosleaks’ as clear proof that there is indeed a political network of NGOs financed by George Soros. The pro-government columnist contends that these NGOs serve the political and economic interests of George Soros against democratically elected national governments. In a reference to Tracie Ahern’s leaked discussion, Bayer claims that the 2,000 individuals who work for the ‘tycoon’ Soros in Hungary may pose a national security concern.

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