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Gyurcsány accuses the MSZP of conniving with Fidesz

January 31st, 2018

A political scientist thinks the leader of the Democratic Coalition probably considers other opposition parties as rivals rather than allies, otherwise he would not accuse them of conniving with the ruling party, which they are supposed to be dethroning together.

On Mozgástér, Béla Galó writes that opposition parties are extremely unlikely to be successful at the parliamentary elections in April, since they are still harming themselves just two months before the vote. Jobbik leader Gábor Vona made the mistake of praising Islam in Turkey several years ago, but that video has surfaced and impairs the credibility of his anti-immigration stance. As for the Left, Galló continues, George Soros who considers the incumbent government his nemesis, delivered a devastating blow to the main force in the left-wing opposition, by declaring in Davos that the Social Democratic Party (meaning the MSZP) had been bought off by PM Orbán (see BudaPost, January 29). On his heels, DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsány said ‘the party daily connected to the MSZP’ (meaning Népszava) is financed ‘in one way or another’ by Fidesz. He also bluntly accused the LMP of pretending to be unaligned, while ‘giving a helping hand to Fidesz when needed’. Galló suggests that Mr Gyurcsány doesn’t believe that the left-wing opposition can achieve anything in April and therefore is concentrating his efforts on boosting his own party’s position within the opposition.

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