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George Soros accuses Fidesz of ’buying up’ the MSZP

January 29th, 2018

A left-wing blogger dismisses and sharply criticizes remarks by George Soros that Prime Minister Orbán has ‘bought up’ the opposition parties, and for suggesting that the Left has little chance of winning the April election.

In a speech at the Davos World Economic Forum, George Soros said that Hungary has become a “mafia state” under Viktor Orbán’s governance. Mr Soros suggested that the opposition has little chance of defeating Fidesz. He accused PM Orbán of ‘buying up’ the ‘Social Democratic Party, and installing ‘spies’ in the ‘other green parties’. Both Fidesz and the Socialists denied the accusations.

‘Uncle George, you really ought to have remained silent this time’, András Jámbor comments in Mérce. The alt-left blogger does find it plausible that some MSZP leaders are in the pay, and therefore the pocket of Fidesz, as the former Socialist frontrunner László Botka also believed (see BudaPost July 28), but he finds the suggestion absurd that the Socialist Party as such could be the vassal of Fidesz. Jámbor also finds it highly problematic that Mr Soros accused smaller opposition parties of hosting ‘Fidesz spies’ without giving names or other details. Jámbor adds that Mr Soros’ prediction that the Left has no chance to defeat Fidesz may further weaken the chances of the opposition, as such statements may discourage voters from participating in the election. Jámbor also points out that Mr Soros in his Davos speech did exactly what Fidesz has accused him of – directly intervening in Hungarian politics. In conclusion, Jámbor wonders who advised Mr Soros to make such a controversial and counterproductive statement, and why.

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