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Analyst predicts lasting Fidesz rule

January 11th, 2018

A conservative political scientist suspects that the government has a realistic chance of becoming a centrist force in Hungary which could dominate politics for a long time unchallenged by the opposition.

In Magyar Idők, Tamás Fricz contends that PM Orbán’s government may realistically remain in power indefinitely. The conservative political scientist recalls that Hungarian parliamentary politics and governance in Habsburg times as well as in the interwar period were marked by a strong centrist force surrounded but not really challenged by marginal opposition parties. The proliferation of left-wing parties and movements and the uncontested popularity of the governing Fidesz party lead Fricz to suspect that Hungary may soon return to its parliamentary traditions. He thinks the left-wing parties also seem to have realized that they have no real chance to defeat Fidesz in the 2018 election. Fricz sees the key to Fidesz success in its successful economic vision that boosted growth, and its return to traditional Hungarian conservative values including national identity, family, security and welfare.

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