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Dispute over temporary protection for asylum seekers

January 26th, 2018

Commentators on Left and Right ponder the repercussions of the debate over the 1,300 migrants who were granted temporary protection in Hungary last year.

In Index.hu, Szabolcs Dull thinks that the debate over the 1,300 migrants who received temporary protection in Hungary (see BudaPost January 24) provides an opportunity for the opposition to criticize Fidesz. Although the statistics on asylum were public and the individuals involved were not recognized as refugees, the opposition may still successfully accuse the government of acting against its own anti-immigration vision, Dull believes. The liberal commentator suspects that the government will try its best to divert public attention from the 1,300 migrants by criticizing George Soros and his ‘network’ louder than ever before.

In Heti Világgazdaság, Gáspár Miklós Tamás accuses the government of complacency and ‘ideological nihilism’. The Marxist philosopher finds it cynical that Fidesz puts anti-immigrant rhetoric at the centre of its campaign, while at the same time the government offers help to some asylum seekers and the organizations which support them. In Tamás’s opinion, all this means is that the government has no principles and does not believe in its own anti-immigrant messages. As for the opposition, Tamás finds it clumsy and unfortunate that the Left now criticizes the government for not being harsh enough on migrants.

On Mozgástér, Tamás Lánczi finds the opposition’s accusations absurd. The pro-government analyst recalls that the statistics on asylum procedures and temporary protection are published every month, and concludes that the claims by the opposition that the government offered asylum in a clandestine procedure is thus nothing less than fake news. Lánczi also suggests that critics of the government distort the facts when they claim that the 1,300 individuals who received temporary protection were recognized as refugees. In conclusion, Lánczi finds it sad that the left-wing media assists the opposition parties in spreading fabrications.