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A right-wing take on Hungarian-Israeli ties

December 23rd, 2017

On the day after Hungary abstained from the UN General Assembly vote on the resolution condemning the recognition by the US of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a pro-government author points out that both governments jealously protect their national interests. 

In Magyar Idők, László Földi, a former leading intelligence officer describes the ties between the two Prime Ministers as a sort of alliance. He recalls that Mr Netanyahu spent several days on an official visit to Hungary last summer and interprets that unusually long stay as expressing commonly shared concerns about the future of Europe. Földi highly appreciates what he calls Israel’s proactive self-defence policies and thinks that Europe has  a great deal to learn from it, given the increasing terror threats of our days. Földi describes last summer’s handshake between the two Prime Ministers as an expression of their shared stance on national self-defence, in sharp contrast to those forces – among whom he mentions the network of Soros-funded NGOs – who promote multiculturalism.

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