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More comments on November 7

November 13th, 2017

Over the past few days, Internet news sites swarmed with commentaries on the hundredth anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution, but only one of the nationwide weeklies dedicated its editorial to the anniversary.

In Demokrata, editor András Bencsik believes that the anniversary is surrounded by conspicuous silence in Hungary, although a series of conferences should be held on the tragedy the Bolshevik revolution unleashed on humanity. A hundred million people perished throughout the world as a result of communism, he argues, and not one perpetrator has been properly punished. There is no Memorial Day for the victims. As if it were politically not correct to openly and sincerely speak about the Communists. Or about their heirs, today’s Socialists who have not killed but “have stolen whatever they could steal and ruined whatever they laid their hands on”, Bencsik fumes. By contrast, he remarks, Nazism is duly condemned and remembered in all its horror and its victims are not forgotten. The same should, but does not apply to communism, he complains.

Now here are a few sentences from various Internet sites about the 1917 takeover by Lenin and the Bolsheviks in Russia:

“The proletariat never ruled in Communist Russia. Not even for one minute.” (Gábor Balogh, Alfahír)

“Some people would sell us the idea that authentic communism is something entirely different from what we have experienced in the 20th century. We’d better refuse to give it another try.  (Gergely Szilvay, Mandiner).

“Beware of people who suggest to us to dump our millennial traditions as a means to achieve a better world. The future is dangerous. Be on your guard.” (Aristo, Pesti Srácok)