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Medgyessy wouldn’t reject an alliance with Jobbik

November 9th, 2017

The former Socialist Prime Minister takes it for granted that Fidesz will win a third consecutive turn in government next year. The only way that could be prevented would be with an improbable alliance between Jobbik and the Left.

On Index, Péter Megyessy who served as Prime Minister of a Social-Liberal coalition that defeated governing Fidesz in 2002 believes Fidesz will be defeated one day ‘by time, rather than by the opposition,’ when new generations will enter the scene, with new values. Until then, he continues, Fidesz will continue to rule, in the absence of a credible opposition. He admits that PM Viktor Orbán notes the scent of changes occurring in the world, unlike his opponents and mentions his handling of the migration crisis as an example. From among the opposition politicians he sees LMP leader Bernadett Szél as the only one who might once become Mr. Orbán’s challenger – but at present she is at the head of a small party. The only way to unseat the Fidesz government would be a broad opposition alliance including Jobbik, he argues, while acknowledging that it hardly seems feasible this time round. However, Mr. Medgyessy accepts Jobbik’s claim that by now, it has ceased to be an anti-Semitic and racist party.


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