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Kurz seen as an ally for the Hungarian government

November 10th, 2017

A pro-government analyst believes that Austria’s new chancellor will seek allies in Hungary and the other Visegrád 4 countries, in order to in counter German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policies. As a result, he believes, new opportunities will open for Hungary for her voice to be heard in the European Union.

On Mozgástér, Zoltán Kiszelly, depicts Sebastian Kurz as a staunch opponent of the soft immigration policy represented by Chancellor Merkel of Germany and the bulk of the Brussels élite. Mr Kurz has been a frequent guest in Bavaria where the ruling Christian Social Union has long urged strict limits to immigration. The Hungarian political analyst predicts that a Bavarian-Austrian alliance will soon materialise. Even more importantly for Hungary, he continues, Mr. Kurz has been supportive of the border fence policies pursued by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who is also a frequent visitor to Bavaria.  Thus, he suggests, the Slavkov group, originally created by Austria’s Socialist leaders with the Czech Republic and Slovakia in an attempt to divide the Visegrád 4, may cede its place to a new formation, the Munich-Vienna-Budapest axis. At any rate, Kiszelly writes, if Budapest wants the ‘Soros plan’ to be taken off the agenda, and to counter plans for a ‘two-speed Europe’, then ‘the road leads through Mr. Kurz’.


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