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George Soros plans a counter-campaign

November 24th, 2017

An independent conservative columnist thinks that the campaign to be launched by the Open Society Foundations to rebuke charges against their founder will play into the government’s hands.

On Válasz, István Sztankóczy suggests that as a result of the planned counter-campaign, there will be no way to prevent next year’s elections from becoming a plebiscite on George Soros. He warns that the campaign the Open Society Foundations announced in order to confute the allegations contained in the questionnaire of the government’s National Consultation, will inevitably backfire. If the campaign is lukewarm, as it has been so far, with a few interviews, press releases and video-monologues by Mr Soros himself, it will only reach an informed minority which in any case, Sztankóczy believes, is unlikely to accept ‘the government’s simplistic messages’. If on the other hand, Mr Soros ‘gives it his all’ and fills the country with billboards, then he might convince some people, but at the same time will end up corroborating the government’s thesis that he is a terrifying giant. And that is precisely the image the government’s campaign is based on.