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Conservative pundit calls for Roma census

November 20th, 2017

A conservative columnist thinks that all parties since 1990 have neglected the plight of the Roma, and calls for a census to identify the main problems Roma face.

On Mandiner Gábor Bencsik accuses Hungarian political parties of neglecting the problems of the Gypsy minority, in the knowledge that the only way to increase their support is to blame the Roma. Although the problems of the Roma population are the greatest challenge Hungary is facing, the conservative analyst emphasizes, parties haven’t done much to help poor Gypsies because any such proposal is likely to turn voters away. Bencsik suggest that in order to face those problems, one should start by using the word ‘Gypsy’ rather than the politically correct ‘Roma’ expression. Second, one needs to go beyond politically correct colour-blind concepts. He recommends that the Gypsy population should be counted so that a proper comprehensive sociological assessment of their situation can be drawn. Unless we understand the dynamic of poverty and deprivation, the impoverished and marginalized Gypsy population ‘will soon become a majority, which will lead to a cultural and economic catastrophe,’ Bencsik cautions. Once we have a clear understanding of the situation of the marginalized Roma population, we can start thinking of a humane and effective way to ‘help Gypsy children move from the distorted and sick ghetto culture to the majority society’. Unless poor Roma ghettos are eliminated, Hungary has no future, Bencsik concludes.