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Fidesz lead grows further

November 4th, 2017

A left-wing and a conservative commentator offer diametrically opposed explanations for the record high popularity enjoyed by Fidesz in opinion surveys.

Two recent opinion polls suggest that Fidesz further increased its support in October. In a Medián survey, Fidesz is supported by 40 per cent of the total electorate – the highest rate since 2011. The Republikon poll puts Fidesz’ popularity even higher, with 54 per cent of voters supporting the governing parties.

Kettős Mérce’s Szilárd István Pap explains the Fidesz lead with what he calls the governing party’s ‘re-enchantment’ of politics. The left-wing blogger thinks that Fidesz uses a spiritual rhetoric rather than a rational and enlightened language. In Pap’s view, Fidesz excels in comprehensive conspiracy theories that offer simple and comforting explanations to all the complex problems of the modern world. In other words, Fidesz supporters are made to hope that they can change unfavourable social realities if they work hard together, Pap concludes.

In Figyelő, Csaba Szajlai offers a much simpler explanation of the Fidesz lead. The conservative analyst thinks that Fidesz responds fast to economic and social challenges. Unlike the former Socialist-Liberal government, Fidesz tries to resolve crises immediately, Szajlai notes. As examples, he mentions the government’s decision to cut utility prices, the conversion of FX-mortgages into Forint loans and the surplus taxes levied on multinational companies. Szajlai also points out that Fidesz goes beyond doctrinaire ideological approaches and does not shy away from unorthodox policy measures if it considers them practical. Voters clearly prefer Fidesz because they want a government that is willing to respond to their needs without delay, Szajlai concludes.

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