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Vona offers a ’home’ to disillusioned left-wing voters

October 13th, 2017

A left-wing analyst cautions fellow left-wingers against being lured into accepting Jobbik leader Gábor Vona’s call to rally behind his party as the strongest opposition force.

On October 6th, Gábor Vona addressed an appeal to ‘my left-wing fellow Hungarians’ to support him despite their ideological divergences in his drive to oust the incumbent government.

In 168 óra, Zoltán Lakner sees Vona’s letter to left-wing voters as an expression of his ambition to take over the traditional MSZP electorate. That is hat he was aiming at when he started to move toward the centre a few years ago, but now, with the critical situation the Socialist Party finds itself in after its frontrunner, László Botka was compelled to withdraw his candidacy, Vona thinks conditions are especially favourable to advance his project. However, Lakner doesn’t believe one can so easily shed one’s far-right convictions and become a centrist force and thinks therefore that Jobbik would install an authoritarian regime, were it to win the elections. At any rate he warns those leftists and liberals who ’in their naivety’ believe that they can use Jobbik in their strife against Fidesz that it may well be the other way round.

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