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The Hungarian Weinstein

October 26th, 2017

Magyar Nemzet encourages women who fell victim to sexual abuse by the powerful to come forward in order to protect future potential victims from traumas similar to their own.

In his Magyar Nemzet editorial, Dávid Lakner appreciates the courage actress Lilla Sárosdi showed by making public her ordeal with theatre director László Marton over two decades ago, in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Mr Marton threatened to sue her, but when  further seven women came forward with similar stories about him, he was advised against legal action by his lawyer. Lakner admits Marton’s merits as a theatre director, but says that is beside the point. He quotes one of Marton’s frequent TV interviews about how he always found it easy to follow the path of civility and civic values and exposes the hypocrisy behind those words. Lakner severely condemns those who ask why Sárosdi, who was less than 20 at the time, allowed herself to remain alone with the famous man, and who question why she has only come out with her trauma decades later. Women should not be discouraged from revealing similar abuses, and later is better than never, because potential perpetrators must know that they cannot take their immunity for granted, Lakner warns.

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