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Pensioners offered special employment scheme

October 7th, 2017

A conservative economist welcomes the government’s efforts to help the flexible employment of Hungarians of retirement age.

In Magyar IdőkKároly Kiss welcomes the government’s special framework designed to facilitate the employment of pensioners. The government’s pensioner employment scheme (effective July 1) makes it possible for pensioners to take up jobs through retiree co-ops. Pensioners who are employed through this framework pay only 15 per cent income tax, but are exempted from other employment contributions, and can still keep their pensionsKiss recalls that research shows that individuals reaching retirement age are in relatively good health. As a result, many could and would prefer to be employed at least part time, the pro-government commentator notes. He goes on to point out that according to different surveys in Western Europe and North America, the facilitation of the employment of retirees has positive implications on demographic trends. In addition, the Hungarian government’s scheme is a good tool against the shortage of labor that curtails growth, Kiss concludes.

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