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Ron Werber as LMP’s campaign guru?

September 7th, 2017

An independent conservative columnist thinks that by hiring former MSZP campaign strategist Ron Werber to shape their electoral campaign next year, the LMP risks losing the only trait that keeps it afloat.

On Válasz, András Zsuppán takes it for granted that Israeli campaign strategist Ron Werber will work as a leading advisor within the LMP campaign team. (The announcement that he will probably be hired was made by LMP frontrunner Bernadett Szél. LMP co-chairman Ákos Hadházy told ATV that Mr Werber intends to serve on the LMP team free of charge.) Zsuppán recalls that Ron Werber helped the MSZP score an unexpected victory against the incumbent Fidesz in 2002 using tough and very personal campaign methods never used in Hungary before. He understands why the Israeli campaign strategist is not offering his services to the Socialist Party this time – in 2014 he broke off relations with them during the campaign, because campaign chief Zsolt Molnár MP objected to airing compromising material about Antal Rogán, a leading Fidesz MP. Last spring, Mr Werber accused influential opposition politicians of playing Fidesz’s game rather than trying to defeat it. What Zsuppán finds difficult to understand is why LMP is attracted to Ron Werber. LMP lacks most of what a party needs, he argues: a large organizational network, a strong financial base and media outlets which reach a large public. It is a small party with one valuable asset – its moral integrity. That is precisely what they are squandering with Ron Weber, he suggests.

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