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New round of ‘national consultation’ announced

September 22nd, 2017

As the government announces another ‘national consultation’ on the EU migrant quota redistribution system, a conservative columnist contends that the Hungarian public has already made it clear several times that they oppose the quotas.

According to unnamed sources quoted by reporters,, in a closed door meeting with Fidesz MPs, Prime Minister Orbán identified as his main target the mandatory EU redistribution quota system which he has dubbed the ‘Soros plan’. PM Orbán is also reported as saying that the EU leadership wants to speed up migration. In order to ‘resist these efforts’, PM Orbán called for a new national consultation, a questionnaire to be sent to voters on the ‘Soros plan’. 

Gentlemen, we have already discussed all this, Barna Borbás  writes in Heti Válasz. The conservative columnist recalls that in the October 2016 referendum on migrant redistribution quotas, 3.3 million Hungarians, the vast majority of voters rejected the quota system. In the April 2017 national consultation more than 1.5 million returned the government’s questionnaire, and most respondents rejected the idea of mandatory intra-EU refugee redistribution. Moreover, even George Soros opposes compulsory quotas, Borbás adds, and he recalls that Mr Soros in an article last year wrote that the quota system would never work. In light of all this, the government does not need any further public reassurance to combat the quotas, Borbás concludes.

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