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Migrant quotas: EU Court rejects Hungary’s and Slovakia’s claim

September 8th, 2017

Two pro-government commentators don’t hide their bitterness in condemning Wednesday’s verdict of the European Court of Justice. Europe’s top court ruled that the decree issued by a majority of EU interior ministers two years ago on migrant relocation quotas was legal.

In Magyar Idők, Zsolt Bayer sees the verdict as part of a general trend by the leaders of Europe to ‘finish off’ everything of value that Europe has ever meant’. The populations of the former colonies have set out to ‘submit their invoices’ to the former colonisers, he suggests. The result is that ‘the cities of our dreams’, Paris, London, Rome and Venice are becoming ‘increasingly unlivable’ . And now the West has decided that Eastern countries which have never had colonies must share that fate. But the truth is, Bayer continues, that ‘Europe has by now retreated to Central Europe’, and therefore ‘no quota-based distribution will happen here. Never!’ he concludes.

In a similar vein, Magyar Hírlap’s Sándor Faggyas says the ruling issued by the European Court has shattered the hopes of those who still thought that common sense would prevail within European decision-making centres. European Commission President Jean-Claude Junkcer ‘must be satisfied now”, since he told reticent member countries months ago to learn to like quotas. However, his victory will prove to be a pyrrhic one, Faggyas believes, as Hungary ’is determined to defend her freedom, constitutional and national identity, culture and way of life.’ In his closing remark, he predicts that ’the battle is not over. It is just about to begin’.

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