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Liberal pundit lambasts Socialist welfare promises

September 25th, 2017

A liberal analyst accuses the Socialists and other left-wing parties of social demagoguery.

In Heti VilággazdaságSándor Révész condemns both the language and the content of the MSZP policy paper ‘New Social Contract for Hungary’ and MSZP frontrunner László Botka’s welfare promises, which include pension hikes, free first university degrees and significant rise in the minimal wage. The liberal columnist accuses the Socialists of making simplistic and economically unfeasible welfare proposals rather than tabling meaningful and realistic policies that could tackle inequality. He finds it even more problematic that the MSZP’s vision seems to suggest that the Socialist party promotes the idea of strict equality rather than less unequal opportunities. In conclusion, Révész thinks that all parties on the Left target simple voters with demagogic promises without making any effort to address better educated constituencies.

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