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Fidesz election lead unchanged

September 2nd, 2017

As the new political season gets underway, Fidesz maintains its lead in the polls according to two separate surveys. Despite efforts by the opposition, neither the Left, nor Jobbik have become any stronger. Conservative columnists attribute the poll results to fast economic growth and the weakness of the opposition parties.

Commenting on the latest polls on Mogzástér blog, Tamás Lánczi writes that repeated campaigns by opposition forces have done nothing to decrease the clear Fidesz lead. According to a fresh  opinion poll by the government-funded Századvég agency, Fidesz is supported by 48 per cent of likely voters. Jobbik stands at 19 per cent, followed by the MSZP (17 per cent), LMP (5 per cent) and Democratic Coalition (5 per cent). According to a report in Magyar Nemzet, an unpublished MSZP poll shows that the largest Socialist voting base (65 years of age and older) has shrunk from 31 per cent to 19 per cent since May. Lánczi, the number one analyst at the Századvég think tank attributes Fidesz’s unchallenged popularity to the governing party’s unity, fast economic growth and the ‘identity crisis’ of opposition parties.

Magyar Hírlap’s Sándor Faggyas also thinks that the improving performance of the Hungarian economy is the main factor behind Fidesz’ lead. The pro-government commentator adds that voters do not buy the ‘negative campaign’ of the Left that accuses the government of mismanagement and corruption. Faggyas believes that regular voters enjoy the benefits of growth, job creation and lower taxes – while they also remember how the last left-wing government led the country to the brink of insolvency.

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