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Fears of a hot autumn

September 12th, 2017

A pro-government columnist interprets the presence of a Serbian civic mass movement organiser as a sign that foreign liberal sources intend to export a kind of revolution to Hungary.

Srđa Popović, the most prominent organiser of the movement that triggered the fall of the Milošević regime in Serbia 17 years ago, addressed a group of anti-government demonstrators in Budapest on Thursday and spoke to them about his book entitled Blueprint for Revolution which has just been released in Hungarian. Mr Popović is the leader of CANVAS or Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies, which has been active in training political activists in about 50 countries.​​

In Magyar Idők, János Csontos calls Srđa Popović ‘George Soros’s tested man’ and describes his presence as proof that government officials are correct to predict opposition civic disobedience initiatives this autumn. ‘If Srđa Popović’s visit is not part of the preparations for the autumn civic disobedience project’, he writes’, then ‘Che Guevara was just a tourist on the shining path of Bolivia’. The forces dissatisfied with the state of affairs in Hungary, Csontos claims, have realised that the incumbent ‘political regime in Hungary cannot be overthrown peacefully and have opted for the Maidan recipe or a carbon copy of the Otpor movement in Serbia’. If Hungary doesn’t want exported revolutions on its soil, the pro-government columnist concludes, ‘an answer should be found’ as soon as possible, before ‘people wearing Guevara portraits on their t-shirts or Mao portraits on their rucksacks find their way into the Parliament building.’


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