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US-North Korean relations in focus

August 12th, 2017

A conservative columnist believes that the dispute between the US and North Korea will not escalate into an armed conflict. If it does, it would have disastrous implications, he fears.

In Magyar Hírlap, Tamás Ulicza reflects on the US-North Korea diplomatic crisis. He thinks that a military conflict between Washington and Pyongyang, however unlikely, would have terrible consequences. The conservative pundits points out that North Korea can launch a potentially devastating rocket attack on Japanese and South Korean cities. The Communist regime could also weather an extended ground attack and its military cannot be easily destroyed through air strikes, Ulicza contends. He goes on to speculate that both the threats of US President Trump and those of Kim Jong-un are diplomatic brinkmanship, rather than harbingers of an armed conflict. Nevertheless, if a war breaks out, it will have dire geopolitical and economic implications, Ulicza suspects.

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