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Momentum launches action group

August 23rd, 2017

A left-wing analyst suggests that the Momentum party’s grassroots action plan emulates the Fidesz civic circles of the early 2000s and will prove counterproductive. The leading pro-government daily suspects that Momentum’s scheme is financed by George Soros.

Last week, Momentum rejected any cooperation with any of the opposition parties in the 2018 election. On August 20, party leader András Fekete-Győr announced that Momentum will set up local ‘action circles’. Fekete-Győr said the groups will focus on local political issues and welcome all citizens, regardless of their ideological affiliations.

Népszava’s Róbert Friss finds it disappointing that Momentum wants to mobilize young voters around local issues. The left-wing columnist likens the plan of ‘action circles’ to the network of civil circles launched by Viktor Orbán in 2002, and deduces from this that Momentum lacks original ideas and political imagination. Friss thinks that the ‘action circles’ may be successful at the local level, but are unlikely to help challenge Fidesz in the 2018 Parliamentary election. On the contrary, Friss thinks, the local ‘action circles’ may divert the attention of young voters from national issues.

In Magyar Idők, Áron Nagy suspects that Momentum’s mobilization plan is financed by George Soros. The pro-government commentator believes that the plan – ‘disguised’ as a community building project – is just another initiative that the ‘Soros-network’ endorses in its bid for a change of government.

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