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Momentum approaches parliamentary threshold

August 3rd, 2017

As opinion polls register the new party founded by young intellectuals as the preferred choice of 3 per cent of decided voters, a left-wing analyst believes that sooner or later they might have to take sides in Hungary’s deply polarised landscape. 

In 168 Óra, Zoltán Lakner admits that the founders have been successful in rejecting the political establishment as a whole and in branding themselves as representing new generations. He discerns in their statements traits of a strategy to form a new centre, not unlike the one built by the new French President Emanuel Macron. It is logical for them therefore to refuse alliances with other opposition forces, since Momentum aspires to replace them. Situations might occur, however, when they will have to choose between the two sides. That might happen just before next year’s election, but only if the opposition has a realistic chance ofo winning, Lakner concludes.