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Left and right trade accusations of media bias

August 16th, 2017
A pro-government media outlet accuses a left-wing journal of distorting the news by failing to properly report acts of terror committed by a person of immigrant background. A left-wing blogger thinks it is the pro-government media which is highly biased against migrants.

Pro-government Origo accuses the left-wing 24.hu of tendentious misreporting of last week’s terrorist attacks in FranceOrigo writes that 24.hudescribed the terrorist act against French soldiers as a ‘hit and run’ accident –  even after news agencies confirmed that the attack was a terrorist act committed by an individual with an immigrant background. The coverage on 24.hu illustrates left-wing media bias, claims the author, who speculates that the Left will heavily use its media influence in the 2018 Parliamentary election campaign.

Kettős Mérce’s András Jámbor, on the other hand, accusesthe pro-government media of under-reporting Friday’s Charlottesville attack. The left-wing blogger finds it peculiar that leading pro-government online media outlets, including Origo, failed to mention that the driver of the car that crashed into a crowd and killed a woman had right-wing extremist views. Jámbor contends that terrorist acts matter for the government media only if the perpetrators are immigrants – but not if they are far-right extremists.

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