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Gender-theory and Islam seen as enemies of the government

August 15th, 2017

A pro-government pundit contends that the traditional Left-Right distinction has lost its meaning. He suspects that it has been replaced by the competition between national and cosmopolitan parties.

In Magyar Idők, Bálint Botond accuses the Left of abandoning its core values by embracing a liberal cosmopolitan ideology. The conservative sociologist claims that since the 1990s, the Left has become increasingly liberal in its economic policy and the servant of the interests of multinational corporations and supra-national elites. Rather than putting the interest of Hungarian voters first, even the MSZP espoused “all anti-human and anti-national ideologies including gender ideology, global capitalism and Brussels-led imperialism,” Bálint writes. In conclusion, he suggests that the 2018 Parliamentary election will decide whether what he calls ‘the national interest’ will prevail – or if it will be replaced by a ‘pro-immigration, anti-national cosmopolitan governance, subservient to global capital.’

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