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First reaction to the Barcelona terror attacks

August 19th, 2017

In an early comment on the Barcelona attacks, the editor-in-chief of the leading pro-government daily thinks that Central and Eastern Europeans are fully justified in opposing migrant quotas and illegal migration.

Magyar Idők editor-in-chief Ot Gajdics commenting on the Barcelona terrorist act contends that those immigrants and their descendants who do not wish to accept European culture and customs should leave the continent. The pro-government columnist cites a recent survey published by the pro-government Nézőpont Institute. According to this, more than 80 per cent of individuals throughout Central and Eastern Europe oppose  relocation quotas and illegal migration – but, at the same time, two-thirds of the same populations welcome refugees who need protection and arrive legally. In this comparison, Hungarians are no more hostile to uncontrolled migration than other people in the region, Gajdics adds. In conclusion, he suggests that the Barcelona terror attacks justify Eastern and Central European fears over illegal mass migration.

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