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A pro-government take on the Left’s plight

August 8th, 2017

A pro-government commentator suggests that the left-wing opposition has been hijacked by its intellectual hinterland. The Left is dominated by an elite that created an ideological echo chamber that alienates everyday voters, he believes.

In Magyar Idők, Gábor Bencsik wonders why the Left has been unsuccessful in challenging the Fidesz government since 2010. The conservative columnist deems Fidesz’ governance successful but this alone, he suggests, does not explain the failure of the Left. Bencsik suspects that ceaselessly demonizing PM Orbán has been self-defeating for the Left. The opposition parties focus their rhetoric on criticizing the government rather than trying to offer a credible alternative vision. Bencsik accuses left-wing and liberal intellectuals of creating an echo chamber in which the only voices to be heard are the ones that ridicule the Right and demonize the Orbán government. The failure of this strategy makes the Left even more aggressive and arrogant in their rhetoric. But the ideas that become dominant and successful within this ‘alternative reality’ cannot win the support of anyone outside these closed elitist circles – including the vast majority of voters, Bencsik believes.

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