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V-4 unity seen as ephemeral

July 22nd, 2017

A left-wing analyst thinks that although the Visegrád countries unanimously oppose the idea of a multi-speed Europe, in the end Hungary will be left on her own in her relentless opposition to Brussels.

Commenting on this week’s V-4 summit in Budapest on Kettős Mérce, Kristóf Horváth thinks that ultimately all four member countries will pursue their individual interests which may well lead to the dissolution of their alliance. The V-4 is now united in opposing the settlement of large masses of immigrants to Europe and in their opposition to recent plans envisaging a multi-speed European Union, but he sees that unity as being provisional. At the end of the day, he explains, it is the leading countries of the Union who will decide what course European integration will take and they seem determined to push forward with closer integration within the Eurozone, which is the equivalent of a multispeed Europe.  Horváth is convinced that Slovakia will not stay away from that trend, and might soon be joined by the Czech Republic, if the forthcoming elections yield a pro-Europe government there. The Poles might keep opposing those plans, but they are big enough to become the leaders of the camp of outsiders. That would mean the disintegration of the V-4 with Hungary left on her own, Horváth predicts.

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