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North Korea tests its ICBM

July 7th, 2017

A left-wing and a conservative commentator who are both strongly critical of the Hungarian government disagree whether the US will launch a pre-emptive strike against North Korea. Meanwhile, they both express concern not just about Kim Jong-un, but about President Trump as well.

Népszava’s Tamás Rónay thinks that President Trump is unlikely to attack North Korea, although Pyongyang, as he sees it, now has intercontinental ballistic missiles that can hit mainland US territory. The left-wing analyst accuses President Trump of being himself the main source of the tension, as he is not taken seriously even by Kim Jong-un. Rónay suspects that President Trump has no clue whatsoever how to handle the North Korean regime.

In Magyar Nemzet, Csaba Lukács believes that the US and North Korea are on a collision course. The conservative pundit speculates that President Trump may soon decide to go ahead with a pre-emptive strike to destroy North Korea’s nuclear missile capabilities. Lukács finds it highly disturbing that the future of the world is so much determined by a communist dictator and a leader whom he defines as a ‘huffy redneck’.

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