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Liberal writer lambasts moderate analysts

July 17th, 2017

A liberal writer labels as cowards those political commentators who try to maintain a balanced view. They should show a little more civil courage and name the Orbán government as an outright tyranny.

In Élet és Irodalom, András Bruck wonders why there is no public resistance against the Hungarian government. The liberal writer finds it puzzling that, although “the future holds nothing good” for them, Hungarians do not take to the streets to protest against what Bruck calls the emerging dictatorship of Viktor Orbán. As a possible explanation, Bruck mentions the unwillingness of opposition politicians and intellectuals to demonize the Orbán government. Bruck condemns political analysts who try to maintain a balanced view and vocabulary and speak of the decline of democracy rather than labelling the Orbán regime an outright tyranny or authoritarian dictatorship. “The only proper answer to the government’s bad radicalism is ‘good radicalism’, and it must be made clear to the public that we live in a dictatorship.” Bruck fulminates. He continues by suggesting that those who are hesitant to follow his advice and betray the opposition, may regret their cowardice if Fidesz wins the 2018 election, whereafter the critics of the government “will be beaten to death and imprisoned”.

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