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Repercussions of the French election

June 14th, 2017

A pro-government analyst wonders if the Left and Liberals in Hungary will label the French election as anti-democratic. A conservative commentator contends that the Hungarian opposition should learn from President Macron if it wants to challenge Fidesz.

In Mozgástér blog, Tamás Lánczfinds it ironic that the Hungarian Left welcomes the probable two-thirds majority President Macron’s party will secure in the National Assembly. Lánczi quotes a report in the liberal 444.hu according to which “both Left and Right have been routed by the centrist party”. The pro-government analyst recalls that the turnout was a record low, less than 50 per cent, and Macron’s party could only secure around one third of all votes cast. Lánczi wonders if the Hungarian Left will consider the results undemocratic and call the French government illegitimate after levelling such accusations against Fidesz when it secured a two-thirds majority with less than 50 per cent of votes.

Magyar Nemzet’s Áron Kuthi thinks that the French election has important lessons for the Hungarian opposition. If they want to defeat PM Orbán, first they need to find a young and experienced politician who is boring enough not to frighten away voters. Second, they need a credible program to replace the current lamentations about the unfair voting system. Third, the opposition needs to address all cohorts of voters and overcome polarization by offering a positive and inclusive vision based on a broad consensus rather than staging loud demonstrations. In conclusion, Kuthi notes that at this point, the opposition does not meet any of these three preconditions to defeat the governing party.

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