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PM Orbán summarizes the latest ‘National Consultation’

June 29th, 2017

The Prime Minister evaluates the 1.7 million answers to the government’s questionnaire as an expression of overwhelming support for his policy of rejecting mass immigration and further supranational European integration, while a left-wing commentator thinks that the questions put to the population were senseless.

Summarising the results of the latest National Consultation on Tuesday, Viktor Orbán said that he feels strengthened in his determination that Hungary should resist ‘mass illegal immigration’ and confront Non-Governmental Organisations funded by George Soros. He also drew the conclusion that ‘most Hungarians’ reject what he calls attempts by Brussels to impose its policies on the Hungarian government. The EU should be a Union of Nations rather than a fully integrated federal state, he said.

In Népszava, Judit N. Kósa accuses the government of asking ‘really dumb’ questions in its questionnaire. She dismisses as incitement the statement in the questionnaire accusing an increasing number of foreign funded NGOs of trying to interfere in Hungarian internal affairs. Kósa finds it sad that one and a half million Hungarians agreed with that claim and agrees with those NGOs which receive foreign funding, and have already announced that they will refuse to register with the courts, in defiance of what she calls a law ‘passed in an abuse of legality’. She warns the government that Amnesty International and Transparency International are prestigious international networks whose voices ‘will carry very far’.

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