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PM Orbán defies Brussels on migration quotas

June 20th, 2017

A pro-government commentator predicts a long drawn-out confrontation between Brussels and the V4 alliance around the ‘flow’ of migrants into Europe.

In Magyar Hírlap, Sándor Faggyas points out that Hungary is not alone in its opposition to the idea of compulsory migrant relocation quotas. The European Commission has launched infringement procedures against Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland (see BudaPost, June 15 ). The Prime Minister reiterated his position that the compulsory redistribution of migrants among member countries was both unjust an unviable. Faggyas remarks that the Prime Minister is not alone in this standoff with Brussels, as his position is shared by the rest of the Visegrád 4. He describes the position of the European Commission as hypocritical, since only one tenth of the asylum seekers scheduled for relocation from Greece and Turkey have been accepted by other member countries. He suggests that Brussel’s ‘ruse’ to divide the Visegrád countries by not launching infringement procedures against Slovakia will not pay off, since the V4 ‘are united’ in their rejection of immigrant quotas. Faggyas does not expect this week’s EU summit to put an end to the controversy, and he expects a long drawn out confrontation over the issue ‘between the Berlin-Paris-Brussels axis and the V4’ after the German elections in September


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