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More on EU-US relations

June 1st, 2017

An independent conservative analyst hopes that the weakening of transatlantic cooperation will make Europe stronger and more resilient.

Commenting on the prospect of a less secure US commitment towards Europe, (see BudaPost May 31Magyar Nemzet’s Gábor Stier thinks that Europe would be better off if it became more self-reliant. The independent conservative columnist interprets recent cool exchanges between US President Trump and German Chancellor Merkel as the heralds of an emerging geopolitical era. As the US becomes less active in international affairs, Europe will need to strengthen cooperation with other important geopolitical and economic actors including China and Russia. This, Stier thinks, will make Europe stronger as, the ‘protective tutelage’ of the US kept Europe weak and dependent on the US. In conclusion, Stier contends that Europe must be grateful to President Trump for taking his hands off the continent.

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