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Green MEP proposing mass settlement of Syrians in Eastern Europe

June 22nd, 2017

An independent conservative columnist finds an idea proposed by a leading German Green MEP to resettle whole Syrian villages into Eastern Europe, ‘abhorrent’.

On Válasz, András Sztankóczy excoriates Mrs Ska Keller, the floor leader of the environmentalist group within the European Parliament, who has proposed that the integration issues of immigrants from Asia and Africa might be solved by settling them in compact groups in villages which would be exclusively theirs. As a desirable target country for such a solution she mentioned Latvia, but the author believes she meant Eastern Europe in general, where migrants are usually reluctant to stay, preferring to travel on to  richer countries where their kin are already settled. Sztankóczy finds it absurd to envisage new ‘no-go zones’ in Europe, which he believes would be the inevitable result if Mrs Keller’s ideas were put into practice. He is particularly upset that the Green MEP would refuse to ask the opinion of the local population about her project. He concludes that she has done a great favour to the Hungarian government, because her proposal will be an excellent theme for them in their electoral campaign next year.


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