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Europe’s leaders seen as helpless after the London Bridge attack

June 7th, 2017

After the  terrorist attack on Saturday night in London, commentators suspect that European leaders, the British government among them, have no idea how to protect their citizens against random terror attacks.

In Magyar Idők, Levente Sitkei criticises London Mayor Sadiq Khan who has repeatedly called on Londoners not to worry and not to be afraid. They have every reason to be afraid, he writes, especially when leaders do practically nothing apart from launching cautious appeals with the purpose of not offending anyone. Policing is important but police alone cannot solve the problem, Sitkei continues. Resolute and responsible policies would be needed to achieve something, but they are in short supply – in Britain and elsewhere in Europe.

In Magyar Nemzet, Richárd Szilágybelieves that the London Bridge attack has opened a new chapter in the history of modern day Islamist terrorism, in that it occurred on the eve of a major Christian holiday (Whitsun). He hopes that Prime Minister Theresa May’s four point anti-terrorist programme will survive the electoral campaign and will bring relief to both Londoners and the visitors who now find it increasingly difficult to go about their lives as if nothing was threatening them.


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