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Socialists to boycott pro-government media

May 13th, 2017

A conservative commentator condemns those politicians who are inclined to address only ‘the friendly media’. Since that habit is spreading on both sides of the political divide, she suggests that ‘a total media war has exploded’.

On Válasz, Anita Élő thinks that by refusing to face critical questions and declining to try and inform the audiences of ‘unfriendly’ news outlets, politicians give up their own dignity and offend the dignity of the public. She deplores the decisions by several government agencies not to invite opposition outlets to their public events, but remarks that reacting in kind, that is refusing to interact with ten media outlets, including public television, the Socialists have just contributed to the escalation of such tensions into ‘a total media war’. She fears that things could even get worse, as a short time ago ‘we thought we had reached the bottom, but it turned out that we could sink even deeper’.

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