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Reactions to the Manchester terror attack

May 25th, 2017

In their first comments on the lethal bombing attack in the Manchester Arena, analysts disagree on whether mass immigration from Muslim countries is a significant element in the rise of Islamist terror.

In her Magyar Hírlap editorial, Mariann Őry excoriates European leaders who routinely say that terrorists cannot prevent the West from continuing to lead its own lifestyle. Instead, she writes, leaders should enact resolute measures to curb terrorism. She castigates in particular European Commission Chairman Jean-Claude Juncker who spoke about combatting terrorism after having hugged and kissed George Soros who funds myriads of NGOs which support illegal immigration into Europe and who outlined a strategy for Europe to invite hundreds of thousands of immigrants every year. Instead of empty phrases, Őry writes, Europe’s leaders should realise that terror is nurtured by the existence of parallel societies. 

Népszavas Tamás Rónay, on the other hand, predicts that the Hungarian government will use the Manchester terror attack for its own propaganda purposes, telling Hungarians that they are not in danger because their leaders have protected them from the influx of migrants. He admits that Great Britain, just like France, is particularly at risk, because many of its citizens have just returned from the Syrian battlefield after being thoroughly brainwashed. The overwhelming majority, however, are at least second generation immigrants. He concludes that terrorists must be resisted, but so must ‘those who terrorise others with their words’ because they are equally bent on spreading hatred.

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