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President Áder re-elected

May 10th, 2017
As Parliament re-elects President János Áder for a second five year term, commentators disagree on the extent to which he is independent from the government as required by the Fundamental Law. The President marked the occasions with some sharply critical remarks of his own on the state of public affairs.

On Válasz, Barna Borbás posts extensive quotes from János Áder’s acceptance speech in Parliament in which he said Hungarians risked ‘destroying everything we have jointly built since 1990’. His remarks concerned the rudeness of the public debate but also a mounting unfairness in politics, whereby ‘we act in utter disregard of agreements’ and ‘overstep all bounds’. Borbás predicts that Áder’s critics will immediately ‘bring up the case of CEU’ (see Budapost throughout April 2017), but reminds them that ‘Áder is right’. He doesn’t believe that the President’s warning will be heeded, but welcomes it nevertheless as a kind of ‘immune-reaction’. 

in Népszava, Jenő Veress does in fact bring up the fact that Mr Áder signed the Law on Higher Education which is interpreted by critics as a move to close down Central European University. On this basis he calls the President’s warnings ‘double bottom sentences’ (meaning that they may hide a hidden content). Veress does not believe that Mr Áder has suddenly discovered his mission as a ‘real’ President of the Republic, and predicts that when his second term expires, he will become a useless asset for the country at the age of 63.


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