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Local council election won by Fidesz

May 24th, 2017

A conservative analyst suggests that the current opposition doesn’t offer a political home to the new generation which has expressed its discontent in a series of recent mass demonstrations. Thus he believes that a Fidesz victory in next year’s elections is not in jeopardy.

In Válasz, István Dévényi finds it peculiar that the left-wing opposition doesn’t understand how they could lose the local byelection in Gyula, although the two competing left-wing candidates stepped back in favour of an independent one. They deluded themselves into believing that the recent mass demonstrations in support of Central European University would open new opportunities for them. In actual fact, Dévényi asserts, the new dissatisfied actors on the scene distrust the former governing forces just as much as they dislike the incumbent government. If nothing unexpected happens, Dévényi writes, Fidesz may easily win a two third’s majority in Parliament next year. Unless all opposition parties (he doesn’t specify if he includes Jobbik among them) put forward one single candidate in all constituencies. However, in a highly cryptical remark, he adds: ‘the presence of people like (former MSZP chairman) Attila Mesterházy and (DK Chairman) Ferenc Gyurcsány is not a mere accident in the system’.



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