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No opposition alliance in sight

March 2nd, 2017

A left-wing commentator suspects that the Socialist candidate for Prime Minister doesn’t believe he can win next year and is only seeking a pretext to withdraw. The main reason is that this is a time of rivalries, before a dominant force emerges on the Left.

On 24.hu, Péter Pető, a former Népszabadság editorialist takes it for granted that PM Orbán and his Fidesz party will be returned to power by the electorate in 2018. He paints a broad and detailed picture of all the left-wing opposition parties and finds that only two of them seem genuinely ready to co-operate – the MSZP and DK. The problem is that Mr Botka, the Socialist candidate for Prime Minister, excludes co-operation with DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsány at whose feet he lays the blame for the collapse of the MSZP in 2010. Such an approach however makes his bid for becoming Prime Minister utterly senseless. Therefore Pető is convinced that Mr Botka will find a pretext ‘to get offended’ and will withdraw his candidacy. As the columnist sees it, left-wing parties will probably ‘not come to their senses’ and there will be no change of government next year.


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