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Juncker proposes five variants for the future of the EU

March 7th, 2017

A pro-government economist accuses the EU core countries of planning to exclude the rest of the member states by creating a two-speed Europe. An independent conservative analyst thinks that the Hungarian government would not mind such an arrangement, after all.

In Magyar Idők, József Veress ponders whether leaders of the core EU member countries will propose the establishment of a ‘European United States’ at their late March summit. The conservative economist thinks that the EU is in deep crisis, and accuses the more powerful member states of trying to push their own interests. In his interpretation, proposals that call for the creation of a federal state would practically lead the core EU states out of the EU.

Magyar Nemzet’s Gábor Stier shares the dominant view that the EU needs to strengthen cooperation in strategic fields including migration, social cohesion and anti-terrorism. The independent conservative analyst suspects that the most likely scenario involves a two-speed EU that allows the further pooling of sovereignty of the core member states and increased sovereignty for countries on the periphery. In conclusion, Stier speculates that the Hungarian government would not mind such a resolution, while Poland’s conservative leaders would find it offensive to be relegated to the periphery.