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PM Orbán opens spring session debates

February 22nd, 2017

A conservative economist agrees with the Prime Minister that the economy is on a firm footing and that Hungary haa chance of catching up with western Europe. Another analyst accuses the Prime Minister of trying to divert attention from corruption.

In his traditional address to Parliament at the opening session of the spring season PM Orbán praised the performance of Hungary’s economy, citing the growth of the GDP and the acceleration of wages. Further positive signs he mentioned included the higher employment rate, decreasing public debt ratio and the balanced budget. Concerning issues of migration, PM Orbán noted that the Hungarian government’s opinion has become mainstream in Europe. As for the challenges facing Hungary, the Prime Minister mentioned illegal migration, disputes with Brussels and Hungarian branches of international watchdog organisations which he described as vehicles of foreign pressure on the government (see BudaPost February 13). 

Magyar Hírlap’s Csaba Szajlai agrees with the Prime Minister that the Hungarian economy is doing well. The conservative economist believes that the government has successfully overcome the dire heritage of the previous Socialist-Liberal government, and after years of sluggish growth, Hungary now has a chance to catch up with Western Europe – in the long runSzajlai finds it particularly promising that real wages have been increasing fast over the past year.

In Magyar NemzetTamás Wiedemann accuses PM Orbán of tilting at windmills and trying to distract people from the country’s problems. Wiedemann echoes opposition speakers at Monday’s session, who alleged that that the government is targeting watchdog NGOs and the EU in order to divert public attention from corruption.

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