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Theresa May announces hard Brexit

January 19th, 2017

As British Prime Minister Theresa May unveils her plan to leave the European single market, a conservative commentator expresses his understanding for her motives, but warns that a ‘hard Brexit’ is not good news for Hungarians.

Mrs May’s decision reminds Magyar Nemzet’s Áron Kuthi of Margaret Thatcher’s critique of the European Union in her famous speech in Bruges, Belgium in 1988, when the Iron Lady deplored Brussel’s drive to create a political union. She was also afraid that business would be impaired by the proliferation of detailed community rules, while open borders would make it hard to keep terrorism and illegal immigration at bay. Kuthi concedes that those were legitimate fears. Nevertheless, by the time Britain leaves the single market, she must have something new in place. The same applies for the European Union, Kuthi adds. He cannot understand why European officials, including Commission President Jean Claude Juncker are not busy working on the shape of future relations with Britain. He warns that new Hungarian job seekers will certainly be worse off after the kind of Brexit Mrs May has just outlined.


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