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Conservative pundits call for tougher anti-immigration measures

January 11th, 2017

Two pro-government columnists lambast the EU and western European governments for ‘still not taking illegal migration seriously.’

Magyar Hírlap’s Mariann Őry finds it puzzling that even after the Berlin terrorist attack, Germany is hesitant to introduce tougher measures against illegal migration. The conservative analyst recalls that the German government is unwilling to return illegal migrants in the absence of the approval of the country of origin. Similarly, western European states reject a proposal by populist parties to deprive their radicalized citizens of their nationality in order to reduce terrorist threats. In the light of what she calls the inability of both the EU and of western European countries to stop illegal migration and prevent terrorist attacks, Őry thinks that the Hungarian government is justified in resisting any further centralization of EU migration and refugee policies.

In Magyar Idők, Dávid Megyeri goes so far as to suggest that mainstream, “pseudo-left-wing and pseudo-right-wing” European governments including those of Germany, France and Italy are players in a secret conspiracy. The pro-government commentator speculates that following “directives” from George Soros, western European governments want to invite as many immigrants to Europe as possible, in the hope of building a voter base before their likely defeat by more radical parties.

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