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A liberal call for left-wing unity

January 4th, 2017

An independent liberal analyst castigates those left-wing stake holders who refuse to co-operate with others and accuses them of pushing their own personal agendas rather than the cause of a regime change.

In a guest column on hvg.hu, György Marosán who served as spokesman for the last Communist government in 1988-89 warns competing left-wing politicians that they are making a historic mistake by refusing to co-operate. Without mentioning the Socialist Party by name, he excoriates those who name their own candidates for Prime Minister unilaterally, without consulting potential allies (See BudaPost, December 24). Nor does he mention DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsány by name when he condemns those who refuse to accept him as a partner. He argues that the differences between the potential stakeholders of a left-wing coalition are not based on diverging values and concludes that left-wing leaders who show reticence to co-operate have their own personal interests in mind, rather than the common cause.

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